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Water is a valuable natural resource that is often taken for granted until we experience the type of drought we have seen recently. Some experts estimate that over half of all commercial and residential irrigation water is wasted due to runoff, evaporation or over-watering. Let Rain or Shine Outdoors conduct an irrigation audit for your system to make sure it is operating efficiently and distributing water evenly.

We can:

  • Change out heads or nozzles
  • Adjust or move heads to avoid watering driveways, sidewalks, and streets and ensure even coverage of turf and shrubs
  • Design a watering schedule for various water-use zones
  • Convert high water use spray zones to drip irrigation

Drip irrigation:

  • Waters more efficiently by targeting the root zone
  • Reduces disease by eliminating water sitting on plant leaves from overhead watering
  • Eliminates evaporation and run-off
  • Uses 30-50% less water than spray nozzles or rotors

Rain Bird Select Contractor Rain or Shine Outdoors can design and install an efficient irrigation system to meet your needs!

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