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Landscape Lighting

Low voltage lighting adds an entirely new dimension to the landscape at night in addition to improved security and safely lit paths. By using various outdoor lighting techniques, Rain or Shine Outdoors can accent your home and landscape. You have invested a lot in your landscape to only have it seen during the day-let us turn your landscape into a nightscape. We also do lighting for special events and functions.


Low voltage lighting transforms the environment at night, improving security and providing bright, well-lit pathways. Rain or Shine Outdoors can highlight your house and landscape with a variety of outdoor lighting methods. You've spent a lot of time and money on your landscape, so why not convert it into a nightscape? For special parties and gatherings, we can provide illumination as well. We use a combination of paver lights, lampposts, boundary lights, garden step lighting, security lighting, and accent lighting to create superb effects in your landscape. In addition, we also use retaining wall lighting, recessed lights, floodlighting, and underwater lights for water features for a cohesive look. Proper lighting allows you to make greater use of available space, resulting in a higher return on your investment. Contact us for our customized, low voltage outdoor lighting solutions. Because of our extensive knowledge and experience, we can provide you with high-quality solutions at a competitive outdoor low-voltage lighting cost.
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