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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Rain Harvesting

The average person uses from 80-100 gallons of water a day that’s 36,500 gallons per year or 109,500 gallons for a family of 3.

A home with 1,500 square feet of the roof has over 46,000 of water per year running off (based on an annual rainfall of 50 inches for Atlanta). By capturing some of this free water, the homeowner can water a garden, annuals, and shrubbery. Captured water is free, healthier for plants than treated water, and prevents runoff into storm drains and sewers. Why not let Rain or Shine Outdoors help you save your rainwater for a sunny day! We offer above-ground storage systems, underground systems, filters and pumps.

Rain Gardens

A rain garden is an area in a man-made landscape that captures a shallow amount of water and holds it for a short time period. It reduces runoff and creates a biofilter for sediments and pollutants in stormwater. A rain garden can serve both a functional purpose as well as become a focal point in your landscaping. Ask us how!